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Office mail

With imail, sending your business letters has never been easier, quicker or more cost-effective. By sending mail from your desktop, you can save up to 60% on your standard office mail. And that’s on top of the time and labour savings you gain from not having to print, fold, stuff, label, frank and deliver to the post office.

You create - We post - We print

Flexible and convenient

A host of customisable templates is available to create your own stock of stationery. You can set up formats for every type of letter and postcard: invoices, payslips, reminders, appointment confirmations, employee communications, newsletters, everyday letters, marketing mailshots and general office mail. Choose from mono and full-colour printing options and select your preferred transmission system: send it online, use the print client or deploy the Autolink if you want full office integration.

Efficient and accurate

imail is the efficient way of managing your office mail. With all your mail template files stored in your template library, you can control the quality of letters and postcards going out the door, whoever they are issued by. imail can help improve your database too. Its automatic postcode validation facility checks for accuracy every time you upload address data, helping you save money by not paying to send undeliverable mail.

A Unique Approach to Office Mail Service

If you are looking for an office mail service unlike any other, imail can help. Our high quality business mailing service ensures you send every item of correspondence you need to without the hassle of posting it yourself. imail is committed to providing a top-rate business mailing service unique to the market, with an aim to revolutionising the way your business post operations work.

That's where imail can help. We are an online mailing service that combines the convenience of using the Internet with the personal touch of sending real mail. Our hybrid mail service means we do the hard work for you, whilst bringing you total control, cost savings and even a reduction in your carbon footprint. With imail's mail fulfilment services you can send mail online and not have to worry about printing or posting to your usual mailing house- we do all that for you. And don't worry about bulk mailing; we can take care of that too. So, it doesn't matter if you want to send one letter or a mountain of bulk mailing, imail's mailing house service has the mail fulfilment solutions for you.

imail ensures sending your business post has never been easier or more cost-effective. Simply use our easy system to create letters or cards with savings of up to 60% on various costs, such as print, stationery, production and postage. Our quality two-day delivery for standard business post equates to 3p below a second-class stamp. All you need to do is follow three quick and easy steps to compose your mail, and then our office mail service will process it for delivery.

imail uses state-of-the-art machines to print your business mail at high quality on high-grade stock, which means your mail will reach its destination looking the best it can. No matter how good the content of your business mail is, unless it is presented well and attractive to look at, people are unlikely to give it their full attention. With our easy to use system, you can create your business post from a range of customisable templates, with formats for every letter and postcard type, such as payslips, invoices, reminders, employee communications, newsletters, marketing mailshots and simple general office mail.

imail for Fast and Effective Business Mailing Service

When you design and submit your document, imail's system automatically sends it to our server, which then routes the item to the nearest UK Mail print centre. Once there, it will be printed securely using our cutting-edge equipment in a high-quality format. All letters are machine-enveloped and sent on, ensuring your correspondence is distributed with ease and efficiency. imail's office mail service is already becoming popular with businesses across the UK as a means to send business mail without having to organise postage yourself.

Once you have used our business post system, you can store your mail templates in your template library. This allows you to control how business mail from your office looks, whether it is created by you or someone else. This also allows for faster composition, as it does not need to be made from scratch every single time.

For further information on our business mailing service, contact our expert team to discuss your needs.