Multiple addresses

Browse for your CSV (Comma separated value) file and click the upload button to apply the associated recipients to your mailer. For instruction on using CSV files with imail, refer to the Mailmerge helpfile available here.

Your CSV file field mapping must conform to the following structure:

  • The first, top line must be the field title header row so imail can identify content.
  • Each address must appear in a separate row.
  • Each column field must be separated by a comma, select CSV in the file type when saving.

The header row column G must contain the column/field labelled “Postcode” or “Post Code” (without the speech marks). All columns/fields to the left of this must only contain recipient name and address details such as full name and county. The salutation, first name and surname for the postal block must all be contained in one column/field. Detailed instructions regarding how to merge multiple cells into one using Microsoft Excel may be found in the How to merge cells in Excel document. All columns to the right after column G can contain variable data. You can download an example CSV file here.


The Name field must be in one cell. If your name is across multiple cells, please download instructions to merge here.
Column G must be labelled Postcode or Post Code and contain the postcode detail.

If you would like to use personalised fields in your mail you can find the personalisation field instructions here.

CSV file